Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Review of J. Edgar

While I can appreciate special effects makeup, I seriously can never get past when people are made to look "old" it always (for me, anyway) looks fake and ridiculous. Precisely why I HATED "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

So, let me start off by saying....when the movie first begins, it's pretty unbelievable to watch Leo DiCaprio look like he's in his 70s. This same thing holds true for my acting comrades, Naomi Watts and Armie Hammer. All things aside, the acting in this movie is superb from all.

The story line was quite good, I was glued on every word. Kudos to writer Dustin Lance Black. I see some folks on the net refer to this movie as "Brokeback Mountain Meets Politics" and I didn't really see it as that at all....ok, maybe a little?

In one of the very first scenes, I saw a few people I knew, but namely Jon Henderson who was playing one of the FBI Men that J. Edgar was speaking to in the beginning of the movie. There were three men, Jon in the middle, doing nothing but nodding and agreeing, with puzzlement and interest, a GREAT step for Background folks that are known and respected in our industry. I was so PROUD to see one of the people I've come up with in such a great spot. I bet he was thrilled to have worked with Leo, what a treat! I'm still waiting for a phone call back from him, I called him from the lobby to say kudos about 9:45 last night.

Throughout the movie, there are great interwoven stories about J. Edgar's triumphs, lies, failures and family. The most interesting connection with J. Edgar and his mother comes to a great peak when she says something so profound, the whole audience gasped with one breath. Now THAT's good writing! There were a few funny lines which we all picked up on. There was a rhythm in the theater that was unmistakably charged. Keep in mind, the audience last night at the AMC 30 in Orange consisted of REAL movie folks, all from the Newport Beach Film Festival organization (I'm a volunteer) as well as the Orange County Film Society. Believe me, we won't give you laughs unless it's deserved.

I think overall, my impression of the movie was this:
Great acting, great storyline, incredible sets and costumes....I just could have done without the fake "old" makeup and would have liked to see two similar actors playing all these parts of the Older J. Edgar, Clyde and Helen. Please, Mr. Eastwood, can we do that next time? Sorry, but it just drives me batty.

Thanks for reading everyone, I highly recommend this movie!

Kudos to all my fellow actors and film comrades, GOOD SHOW! Can't wait to get the screener and watch it again!
Norma Jean

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