Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Murder Mystery Players Work Opportunity

Would you like to be on the roster for Murder Mystery Players? I am the Director for the Company's LA/OC areas. If you are not interested, my wish is that you would pass this on to someone who might like to be a part of my troop.

Keep in mind, performing in a Murder Mystery takes SKILL-interaction with the audience (HUGE DEAL), the ability to PROJECT LOUDLY, focus on each other constantly (this is not set on a stage, you will be milling about the crowd) and to be super friendly and make sure that our clients are having a thrilling time with us. Customer Service is key! Please, if this doesn't sound like something you can handle, don't waste our time.

Please write me at and send me your reel clips, resumes, headshots...all that.

Murder Mystery Players is NOT just a company that performs Murder Mysteries, we offer a huge variety of team-building events, etc.  that we do for corporations and private events.

For further information about the company, I encourage you to visit our website, you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

Also, if you know of anyone looking for an event for their company, I do pay a small $20 finders fee after the event's completion.

Norma Jean

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