Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Blacklist In Student Filmmaking

Believe me when I tell you, there IS a blacklist in the Student Film "Industry."

In chatting with an unnamed USC Director the other day, it was brought to my attention that the students help one another in ways that we don't see; namely, with a blacklist of Actors that are NEVER called to audition. This list is shared independently within each school, but I'm sure that the list is quite similar from institution to institution.

Here's some of the latest nutty antics that this Director shared with me, these were also all SAG Members!!

1. Actors demanding to get paid after they've been offered a role.

2. Older male actors making advances on younger female students.

3. Trash-talking the quality of work, the set, the crafty, etc., online!! Ok, this one is just WRONG...these are students!!

Believe me, there are tons of these stories, but I wanted to offer you some examples.

While having this conversation with said Director, I was informed that the blacklist they have is their guideline for their initial audition picks. If you're on the list, you are simply ignored. All students are informed of the list from their first days in the curriculum.

My take on this whole matter is shock!! I can't fathom it....that my fellow SAG members would do anything remotely close to this is just beyond my comprehension.

What are your thoughts? Ever heard of this list?

Student filmmakers are our next Speilbergs, Howards, Scorseses, etc. Why ruin it for yourself!!??
Oh, that's right, REAL ACTORS don't do that stuff :)

Much love to all reading this,
Norma Jean

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