Monday, June 13, 2011

Teaching My Kids How to Drive....It's Actually FUN!

So, Robbie turned 17 this year and decided he wanted to REALLY start learning and get his permit. My oldest, Brooks, who turns 23 TODAY, had never really had a need to drive (he's always been close to his work), let alone an interest.

So, last week it began. The adventure of one single mother taking on yet another challenge of Motherhood: Teaching your boys how to drive.

Now, at first I thought, OH GOD this is going to take a lot of prayer and trust in the Lord to get through, not to mention the trust and love of my kids. Not only for me to put up with their shaky driving, but the love and patience they have for me as their nervous and at time, trying teacher.

If anyone knows Robbie, you know what a clown he is! Seems that the driving is almost second nature to him. Funny, I'm actually starting to credit those damn games like "Mario Cart" and Robbie's "Ford Mushroom" as he calls it, with his ability for good clean, straight-away driving-I was, to say the least, impressed. So, here's the clown on his second day of driving mom's "Blueby," a 2002 VW Jetta.

As for Brooks, I did take video (yesterday was his first day) but I'm not putting it up, he asked nicely-rats!

Anyway, he did EXTREMELY well for his first time. I guess all that riding for all these years, he's actually paid attention! lol. The day was JUST great, one of the highlights of my days as a mother. Now, both my kids can drive (more practicing is coming of course). The biggest highlight of my day, I must say, was after dinner, Brooks, out of nowhere says, "Mom, you're an awesome driving teacher." I lost it-I'm such a crybaby-LOL!

It's a great feeling for all of us--the soon-to-be freedom they will have by being able to drive and the peace I can get by asking them "Hey, do you boys want to drive to the store!?"

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