Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Wonderful Testimonials About My Work Over The Years

“Norma Jean a force to be reckoned with-- smart, funny, creative, and warm, coupled with a lovely soul. Strongly recommended.” ~Bill Thomas, Executive Director, Los Angeles, AFTRA

"An absolute joy to work with!" ~Emo Philips, Comedian

"Norma Jean has been an asset reaching out to the performers she knows and meets to help spread the word about the importance of having strong business skills which go hand-in-hand with our company Holdon Log and its products. We look forward to learning more about her career achievements and to supporting her promotional endeavors through our product sponsorship." ~Michele Botti, Field Rep Director, Holdon Log, LLC

"I have worked with Norma Jean in Hollywood. She is a fabulous comic as well as a terriffic actress. She is someone who is going to be a Big Star in the future." ~Mike Muratore, Comic

"As a comic, Norma Jean puts on a first-rate show with her top-notch character work and comedic timing. As a person, I completely trust her. Her success as a comedienne and producer is no surprise to me. People are drawn to her energy. She is an honest, organized professional - she simply rocks." ~Laura Park, Comedian

"Initially I thought Norma Jean was kidding about her past, that it was just an act, part of her routine. The story was so outrageous. But it's real. As Tammy Faye said, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." NJ did just that, finding inside her the sugar, water and outside her, the pitcher, ice and spoon. We all add the cups and share in her transformation. I thank her for sharing her story and encouraging those hurt by life to move on and create a new story."~Julie Ralls, MD, La Mejora Doctora del Mundo

"I really appreciated Norma Jean's professionalism and positive attitude. She was a pleasure to act with!" ~Stephanie T. Keefer, Actress

"Norma Jean is too young to be my mother, but she played her in my video. She is a pleasure to work with and makes a mean prop matzah-ball soup!" ~Eric Schwartz, Comedian

"Norma Jean is not just a performer. She's a movement; a force to be reckoned with!" ~Sal Rodriguez, Comedian

"Norma Jean was a privilege to work with and a joy to film. She brings a smile to my face and a bulge to my pants." ~Eric Leventhal, Producer/Director/Howie of "The Howie Show"

"Norma Jean, is without a doubt, one of the hardest working comics in the Orange County area." ~Nick Spears, Comedian

"Norma Jean is one of the hardest working, most down to earth people in the biz." ~Melia Mills, Comedian

"Casting Norma Jean in my film was one of the unexpectedly best decisions of the process. Aside from her professionalism and incredibly friendly attitude, she brought life to a part that would have otherwise been unexpected but wonderful surprise!" ~Lena Khan, Director, "Bassem Is Trying"

"Loved performing at the club with Norma Jean. She was organized and professional. Also, enjoyed her character (smoking mom) Not smoking hot, just smoking...with milk too." ~Angella Sweatt, Comedian

"Every performer in OC has, at some time or another, been completely impressed by this woman's boundless energy, talent, and savvy. Her fingerprint on the OC comedy scene is huge and she has only been here a few years. Imagine what we will see in a few more years." Jeff Leon, Comedian aka Flibbertigibbet

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