Saturday, March 12, 2011


There are many things that move me....a child's laughter, a friend's hug, a snail making its way down the sidewalk in my apartment complex, the Ocean's smell, the sound of my sons snoring.

Yes, many things move ALL of us and I'm sure you can relate to the previous. But, what it seems that most of us can't relate to is the effect that each one of us have on the world. It starts with one, and then another, and another...pretty soon, a whole village has a cooperative-THEIR idea.

As a race, in general, we are cooperative...without hesitation, during disaster especially, answer the call to "help" one another.

You see, what is small and somehow insignificent to the masses can grow to be something that affects people in such a way, such a profound way that it causes a WAVE of excitement, courage, banding and bonding together, focusing our global attention to this "thing," whatever that might be.

This new documentary by Tom Shadyac, friend, loving, courageous, intelligent, man-who I called simply, "I AM."  A profound message about what that means is found at the very end of the "ah" moment you could feel ubiquitously running through the veins of the entire audience-we were indeed ONE.

If you understand what a MOVEMENT is, you'll understand what "I AM" is going to do, is doing. I personally believe this documentary is not just Oscar Worthy, but US worthy! What do I mean by that? "I AM" is not just about "ME" it's about "US" - the air we breath, the steps we take, the knowledge we possess, the character and morals we each carry. The part that each of us breathes into this "World Machine."

While I watched this documentary last night, I was moved to tears well over just a few times. Sure, if you know me, you know I'll cry at the drop of a hat when something moves me, but this was something different...this was something deep and profound....tears for US as a people is what I was shedding-- humanity as a whole and the disease that we have inflicted upon ourselves. The disease I'm talking about is not some series of unfortunate our Economy crashing or the fact that our kids are stealing our Vicodin and selling it for four bucks a pop in English Class. I'm talking about the fact that we CREATED this....this, this MESS.

In the Bible, Jesus speaks of the demands of discipleship, telling a rich man to sell his possessions and give the money to the poor. He states that his message divides family members against each other. Ironic? Give it some thought. Even if you are not a believer, your own moral code "gets" it. Intrinsically, we are all the same...we are born of innocence and become products of our environment. STUFF won't make you happy, but what you DO with that is of vital importance and one that we should all pay closer attention to.

I challenge you to randomly hug a stranger, give what you can to those in need, volunteer your time, GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONES! There has never been a more PROFOUND message in a Documentary than THIS one. Maybe I shouldn't even call it a profound, but, rather, "ME" message that is going to create a movement.....a shift in how WE as a people view one another, our earth, the destruction and the disease we have created here.

"I AM" the truth, the light and the way. Think about it.
Go see this Documentary
It WILL change your life.

Please...please....please...share this blog with your friends, we need you!

Tom Shadyac & Norma Jean
LA Showing-March 11th

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