Friday, November 19, 2010

When Kids are Disrespectful

Under no uncertain terms will I be subjected to anyone many years younger than I outwardly disrespecting me. Nor, will I in no uncertain terms, keep my mouth shut when I see a young person cussing and acting inappropriately. Sure, we've all been there...the teens years, our early 20s...stupid things we've all done. But with time and with God, you have a chance to correct those wrongs and raise children of your own. Hopefully, the way you raise your own children will be better than your parents before you. At least, that's what I've always perceived in raising my own boys.

With that said, however, no matter how stupidly I (or any of us for that matter) conducted myself during that part of my life did I EVER disrespect someone older than I was. I think the same can be said about my whole generation. Back in the 70s and 80s, people KNEW what respect was. I called any adult Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so, Yes Ma'am/No Ma'am with my teachers, etc. The fact that even any parent would allow their own teachings to stray from this responsibility of respect, makes me angry and internally sick to my stomach.

It seems that this new generation of children (the parents' fault) have gotten away with everything they want to (and can) get away with. questions to pose to my readers....

Why don't more adults take charge of these types of situations?
Why don't more adults speak up? Why, because it's not "our child?" Are we THAT afraid of making the world a more respectful society? 

Doesn't anyone see the problem here?

Precisely why we don't "discipline" other's children...It's not our place?!? I beg to differ....all parents should help one another. And all parents should seek the help they need if they can't raise their kids up to be respectful, contributing members of society. Instead of getting angry with another adult for correcting your child, maybe we should all try to learn something from them instead?

Our society was GOOD at one point, it was a fun life, where people respected one another and there was less crime than there is today. It all starts at home. If you don't think it's completely parenting at fault, you're mistaken. Give it more thought, you're in denial. See what you can change...together, let's join together as each other, love each other. When we see a child doing something that is not respectful, let's stand in each other's corner and support one another instead of "this is not your kid" attitude. They are all "our" kids......

Our children will be the ones that will run this country. It's vital to the human race as a whole they we stay aware and think of our future generations. I don't think that's something most of us think about enough...and we should.

My rant for the day...thanks for reading.

God Bless Everyone!

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