Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Just Saved My Neighbor's Life

With names withheld, I'll give you guys a simple recap of what happened this afternoon: 

At approximately 12:45pm, I was sitting here, doing some email responses. I was finally feeling at least better enough today to get on my computer (I had been down for the last two days with something that had me bed-ridden). 

All of a sudden, I heard screams and someone saying something about "I can't take this anymore." Sounded just like a typical argument, but then the blood-curdling screams came-three or four at most. My instincts took over, I went around the corner and grabbed one of my neighbors and just said "Come on! I'm going to find out where these screams are coming from." 

Off we went....

I went to the doorway and sure enough, it was a neighbor I know quite well. I tried the door, it was open. I kept yelling her name, an eerie silence took over.....Then I bolted  into the house only to find a man on top of her, strangling her with one hand and completely covering her mouth and nose with the other. Her face turning blue, close to death--half her face was covered in blood.

With all my strength, I pulled that guy off her and got her to safety. (Mind you, I don't even remember this part, it was my neighbor that said "Holy crap, you pulled that guy off her like a freight train!") I didn't even remember it, the adrenalin apparently took over-whoa.

I won't go into any other details, the matter remains under investigation. Frankly, the only thing that matters at this point is that she is safe and the Newport Beach PD are still looking for this guy. The helicopters have been out for the last couple hours. I'm safe, she's safe and I'm keeping a solid weapon next to my bed. By solid, I mean a baseball bat. 

I don't know why I didn't punch this guy in the face, but I was in such shock I was just trying to get her to safety. God knows, if I hadn't followed my instincts, I'd be seeing yellow tape out my patio window right now. 

God Bless Us All. If you EVER hear a neighbor scream, do the right thing. You just might save a life. 

Please pray for my neighbor, she's going to need a lot of comfort right now. 

Thank you for reading. 


Anonymous said...

You overcame that monster with pure strength within. You did a wonderful thing today. A selfless act. I'm proud to have met you and hopefully we can get to kmow each other.

Norma Jean said...

They just caught the guy. Hail the Newport Beach Police Department and all Detectives involved that are keeping my neighbor (and the rest of us) safe!!