Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Ask You...Is Rite Aid Cursed?? (And a small rant)

Well, here we go again...same Rite Aid, but a tirade of a different sort. I guess I shouldn't say "Tirade," because it was quieter than that last stint with the crazy lady; however, just as unforgettable...

So, I'm there getting some Thrifty Brand Butter Pecan Ice Cream (which, by the way is just delightful!) and I'm standing in line behind a man buying a cane. Mind you, it seemed a little bit hard for him to stand, so I was wondering why he was not accompanied by someone or at least had a walker instead of a cane. He speaks to me and says, "Do you know if they have a handicapped line, Miss?" (which is Senior speak for...this line is too long, where's the express lane?") I said, no sir, I don't believe they do. That was the end of any question, they he gets out of line, goes to another line, discovers that is it longer than the one he's in.

Frustrated, he comes back to my line and of course, I'm now behind the lady that was in front of him. I saw him and said, "Sir, would you like to come back up here?" He said, "No, I'm ok." (which is also Senior speak for I am pissed off).

He then comes down the right side of the line with the new cane AND the one he's going to buy and asks the clerk if he can take them and hang onto them until he gets up to the register again. He cordially says "yes," and the man goes back to the end of the line. I'm thinking to myself, "this is nuts, why won't he just get in line?"

So, one of the management staff (female) opens up another register...asks this same man, "Would you like me to ring you up over here, sir? I can get your canes and take care of you right now." His response? "No, I'll wait here." She then asks if I'd like to come over to her line and I say, "sure, no problem, thank you" and off I go to her line.

Here's where the funny comes in!!! While she's ringing me up we both sort of "pause" the transaction and look at each other like we want to hear what this man is going to say to the male clerk that's running that register...

Here it is:
Man: "Why don't you guys have a line for handicapped folks?"
Clerk: "We try and accommodate anyone with a disability by opening another register and waiting on them as quickly as possible."
Man: "Well, that's just stupid, every store should have a disabled line."
Clerk: "Sir, we do have an express line, but when there's this many people, it serves us better to open more registers."
Man: "Well, I still say it's stupid. Ok, give me a pack of Marlboro Reds in the box, so I can get out of here."

Manager and I look at each other in shock and our mouths about hit the floor. There were no words to be said, we understood each other perfectly. I smiled through my shock and said, see you next time, have a great day. She was still standing there with her mouth hitting the floor, then I noticed three people in my same line had that same look of shock on their faces.

As a society, why are we so scared to speak up against the smokers? Especially ones like this? Unhealthy apparently and then smoking on top of it? I was a smoker for many years. I WISH someone cared enough to get all over my case-no one ever did. Bottom line, if you VALUE yourself more than cigarettes, you WILL quit. Excuses like "I can't do it" are plain and simply, bullcrap. There's no other way to put it. People that consistently drink, smoke, etc. are putting those "vices" ahead of their own lives. It's a sad thing to watch, isn't it?

How did I quit? True Story-I stood in front of a mirror, held the cigarette next to my face....I sat there and stared at the cigarette for a long time, taking in the thought of how much bigger (in mass) I was than that small cigarette...millions and millions of molecules (or whatever you want to call it) bigger than that cigarette. And I looked at myself, then the cigarette, then myself, then the cigarette again....and I said out loud a few times over..."I want to live, you will not control me." After a few minutes, I felt I had beaten the enemy, I threw out every cigarette I had and never smoked again. It IS that easy, if you say it's not, well, then, YOU don't CARE about YOU.

Yeah, keep smoking those cigarettes, smokers, you're going to miss out on more years that we (the non-smokers) will. Not to mention, you'll look as nice as these folks in your old age-enjoy! Puff puff!

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Anonymous said...

An addiction is an addiction. Be it cigerettes, booze, drugs, etc. Smoking is a nasty habit/addiciton. It matters not if one is disabled. People with disabilities also suffer from what the rest of us do..substance abuse, drinking, etc. A guy who works w/me has been diagnosed with emphysema. .but still smokes. he knows he has to quit, but knows there is no cure for what ails him. Cigs today have far more addiciting additives than they had just five years ago. Don't get me wrong, it's a poor choice to make. It's just not that easy to quit, even if you walk with a cane.