Monday, July 26, 2010

The Tirade at The Rite Aid

Sometimes, I just can't believe people. This woman was in front of me in line. She asked the cashier, not to ring up two of a certain item and that she'd like her to put the other one back. Mind you, she already has a "tone." For the cashier? Ok, easy enough...

So, the cashier gets really flustered (I can't blame her) and rings it up anyway, just blanked out I guess? Well, it happens to everyone. Understand, there was a line of about ten people in each line, only two cash registers open. On top of it, she had "Miss Attitude" to wait on.

So, the lady looks and her and says, "Oh, that's great customer service!" I could not believe what I was hearing!! In order for the cashier to fix the problem she needed to have an override done by the Supervisor. It was fixed I tell you within just 1.5 minutes. The lady snatches and I mean snatches that receipt out of the girls hand. In the midst of my disbelief and the woman behind me, the woman talks all the way to the door "I can't believe this, the service these days, blah blah blah.."

I am dumbfounded, so is everyone else that saw this happen. I just had to say, "I'm so glad I'm an actor, I give you a lot of credit, girl...I could never do this job." The lady behind me said, "I almost was going to say something, but I didn't want to give her daughter any more bad impressions of adults."

Yes, that's right, this woman had her daughter with her and she was witness to this behavior. I can only hope it teaches her how "not" to be instead of how to be.

The cashier? She never said a word-kept a smile on her face and was nice to that woman to the bitter end. What a trooper!!

I'm thankful: I'm an actor and not a cashier. I'm also glad I'm a good mother who's brought her boys up right.

Seriously, I think we should all defend the cashier when crap like this goes down. If I could relive yesterday I would have stepped in, now I'm angry with myself that I didn't. *sigh*

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Linda Moon said...

Usually best to do exactly what you did and comment your support directly to the cashier after the fact. In some cases, it can even be appropriate to mention it to management if it's something that may come back to haunt the cashier later. But commenting to the customer can escalate things and make the matter worse, and almost never helps the situation. My husband was a grocery cashier for 15 years, so I am speaking from his experience.