Sunday, July 25, 2010

Career and Fun!

This last week has been a joy! I've found out I'm going back to "Men of a Certain Age" this coming Friday, July 30th. (Thank you Carla Lewis, Mike Royce and Ray Romano for giving me a steady role!) I love our show, it's a really great thing it's coming back. I do hope you will all watch! More about air dates, etc. as I get them.

This last Friday was my first day on "Mad Men" and I was cast as a Waitress at the "Tip Toe Inn." No word yet if this will be a recurring role, but the Director, Lynn Shelton seems to have liked my work :) I got to meet Christina Hendricks and John Slattery. They are fun actors who do a great job. Crew was super, they treated me like I'd been working on there since the beginning-I felt so welcome and seriously hope to have a permanent home there as long as the "Tip Toe Inn" exists.

I'm working on securing a part-time Casting Assistant position with a great Casting Director, we're still communicating on it. This will allow me to make some extra cash, work "behind the scenes" better understanding the casting process as well as allow me a flexible schedule to attend more auditions.

Lastly, I was chosen for the role of "Miss Poppenguhl" in "Moonlight and Magnolias" at the Huntington Beach Playhouse. Here is the Event Page, I do hope you can attend. The play runs August 13 - September 5.

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