Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where There's Love, There Is Work

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my work. It means so much to me to be able to do what I love. I enjoy the long hours, the sets, the crew...the whole process of being a television and film actor.

Albeit that this career is "win some, lose some" it still affords me to live at least covering my necessary bills, etc. Plus, I live in Corona Del Mar...very fortunate.

This past couple months I have worked on some great projects: Tom Hanks's "Larry Crown," Ivan Reitman's "Untitled New Film," Miranda July's "The Future," An F/X Pilot named "Sweat Shop," and last Thursday you might have caught me on the "Freddy Spaghetti" episode of Parks and Recreation.

What may seem a lot of work to some is very minimal to me. Before the writer's strike, I can remember working 6 days per week as a non-union actor. I was pulling in pretty good money and had ONE JOB-acting. Since Hollywood has not seemed to fully recover, I still maintain a second job. Although I like my job, I often wish I could survive with just acting and nothing else.

This past Saturday night, I was fortunate enough to be in the audience of my acting coach's (David Dean Bottrell) show, "Streep Tease." He did an amazing interpretation of Karen Blixon from "Out of Africa." Watching David just amazes me--he has so much talent and really knocks it out of the park when he performs. This makes me also reflect that I'm lucky enough to be a student of his-a real working actor seems to be a better teacher than one that just "teaches." Well, that's my take anyway.

During the past week, I ended yet another 14-day stint on the Master Cleanse and lost some weight-which I desperately needed to do. I talked to some friends about the Master Cleanse--some interested, some tried it, some are still doing it and some reamed me a new ass, telling me that's a stupid thing to do to your body-that there's no nutrients. Well, the way I see it is, it doesn't kill me and it certainly cleans out the pipes and clears my skin up to boot. How bad can it be? Aren't their religions that fast for a 30-day period once a year or something? What religion, I couldn't tell you-I just remember hearing that.

Ok, I'm jumping around a bit here, but I just wanted to touch all the aspects as they come to me.

A week and a half ago on a Friday night, I went with my kiddos and some friends Ice Skating. Lucky me, I fell (twice!). Both times I fell on my knees and now my right knee is in constant pain. This morning I had an x-ray and everything seems to be fine but I will have to wear a brace and go to physical therapy (not sure how long yet).

After I got done with the doctors and whatnot, I ventured down to the Newport Beach Police Department to get a ticket correction (smog/registration). That was quick and easy, no ticket now :) Ok, so I got lazy and didn't get it done in time. I learned my lesson...that was really stupid of me. After I got done at the PD, I walked across the street to the Chamber of Commerce to talk with Jim Villers about membership. I'm still tossed if I will be joining both the Newport Beach Chamber and the Corona Del Mar Chamber or just one. The idea is to network my Voice Over Talent to businesses as well as providing entertainment (standup comedy and lookalikes) for local sales rallies, company holiday parties, etc.

I will be volunteering my time as the Voting Inspector for Newport Coast next month. Giving back to the community is something I value and I believe everyone should do their part. I have also been working for the Census, I felt it's also a good way to give back. The Census work allows me to also get out and meet my neighbors up in Newport Coast (that's where I'm doing most of my work). I've been praying I would end up at Dean Koontz's door, but no such luck yet (smile).

Perhaps next week after my darn knee feels better, I'll be grabbing Victor Vega's extra beach cruiser and we'll be doing Balboa Island and enjoying each other's company. We live so close, yet, I hardly see him or his wife, Terry.

Tomorrow morning, I will be going to both the SAG and the AFTRA offices for meetings. At AFTRA, those of us that serve on the EEO/Women's Committee will be making our final recipient selections for this year's Ivy Bethune Diversity Awards. Stay tuned and I do hope a lot more AFTRA members can make it to this year's ceremonies. Last year was very entertaining, you don't want to miss it!

Last year's winners: Cheryl Burke, Charlie Hill, George Takei and Dr. Victoria Ann Lewis

Oh...I guess I should update everyone on my other health issues I've have in the last couple months. Long story short: I had a Brain MRI-no Pituitary Tumor-all is ok. I had a Nuclear Heart Test-no abnormalities-all is ok!! My prolactin level went up for a bit there, but I guess that was just a fluke also....a sigh of relief!! Thanks to everyone for praying for me.

In case you're wondering what's going on with my newsletters, I'm starting the Norma Jean Weekly Dish back up this Saturday. The "Background Check" Newsletter that I do for the Background Acting Community will kick back up on June 1st. If you aren't already a subscriber, send your sign-up request to me at: msnormajean@gmail.com

On a last note, I invite all with a healing need to join us Monday Nights at 7:00pm for Refuge at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa.

The definition of Refuge:
we are all broken…every single one of us. many of us either define ourselves by our brokenness or we completely deny it. we may try to hide from our struggles or try to fix them on our own and often wind up in even more pain when our efforts fail. that’s because we weren’t designed to solve our problems alone. REFUGE is a safe place where we can honestly and confidentially share our lives with people who care. we are a community of individuals who once felt alone and defeated, but are now helping one another move towards health and healing.

our effort is modeled after the ministry of reconciliation described in paul’s second letter to the church in corinth. paul says that “all this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” (2 cor 5:18). our intention is to be a place where men and women are restored to what God intended them to be, and having experienced this reconciliation, would then help others do the same. we utilize many tools in this effort including Biblical teaching, worship, open share groups, 12 step studies, art therapy, and other curriculum based experiences.

REFUGE gathers every monday night from 7 - 9 PM. during the first hour we meet in the lab and enjoy teaching, testimony, and music together. during the second hour, we break up into the issue specific groups listed below. you are welcome to simply show up and attend the gathering from 7 - 8 pm as well as the open share groups from 8 - 9 pm.

For even more information, visit REFUGE here.

May you always do what you love, but do it through the Lord.

Have a good week everyone,

Norma Jean

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