Friday, May 28, 2010

My Curve Crapped The Bed And I Can't GET To Bed!

Well, for months now, I've been clearing the temporary memory, deleting my emails, texts, etc. All this to open space for new messages without the "dreaded hourglass" controlling the speed of my life.

Being that I had to chauffeur tonight, I had no time after a meeting and an audition to get this phone backup done. When I got home, I realized that the darn Blackberry Desktop Manager was not installed on my laptop. Why? Because I forgot to re-install the darn thing the last time I did a "wipe" of my lappie--UGH!! I want to shoot myself right now.

UGH!! So, now it's 2:15AM, the darn install is sooo stuck and I have to get this done so I can have peace of mind (not to mention a faster phone) on the set of "Weeds" tomorrow.

Please, send some good Karma this way...I'd like to at least have two hours of sleep before I have to hit the road at 5am.

Call time 7am, it's going to come faster than I want it too :(

Darn you Curve!!

RIM, I still love you.

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