Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm So Tired!

Oh my gosh, this whole last two and a half weeks have been grueling (health-wise). Starting two weeks ago, I came down with a cold/flu like bug that made me exhausted, have night sweats, constant coughing and headaches. All those symptoms have finally left, only to now be blessed with what seems to be chronic fatigue. I have been sleeping at least 14 hrs a day and can't seem to get much done.

Accomplishments that used to come easy like getting my financial stuff in order (bills, etc.) and keeping the car clean have become extreme challenges.

As I even sit here typing this, needing to get it off my chest, I'm surrounded in receipts still left from February that need to be put into my spreadsheet. For an A-Type personality such as mine, this kind of unorganized desk is a nightmare teetering on the edge of failure!! If only I could stay awake long enough or have the desire to sit here long enough to get it done. Typing thoughts helps, I guess.

Just a few days ago, my good friend and fellow actor Carl Miles died, young. He was such a breath of fresh air on set, such a good man, I can't believe he's gone. Losing a friend that's only in his 50s makes you think about your own mortality, doesn't it?

My acting coach, David Dean Bottrell, just had a portion of his column this week was reprinted on the Writers' Guild Blog of Great Britain-that's so cool.

Yesterday, while spending a little "awake" time on Facebook I found an old friend that I used to not only go to Junior College with in Watertown, but lived across the street from in Kelsey Creek Apartments-what a nice surprise. Then, while on there, I found a bunch of my nieces and nephews from my first marriage-I'm still the favorite Auntie I'm finding out! That made me feel very wanted and loved. I also found my ex-husband on there, I'm not sure how I feel about that; although, we do get along somewhat better these days, which is a good thing, especially for our 22 year old son.

I'm going to try and stay here at this keyboard and at least get my February spreadsheet done. I was supposed to go to an orientation for the Newport Film Festival tomorrow morning, but I know my body won't get up early enough, it's just not in the cards and right now I feel really crappy.

As far as my health goes, I'm praying this is not a pituitary gland tumor or just as bad, hyperthyroid...something just very simple that can be corrected with medication. My youngest son is watching over me and taking very good care.

Before I close, I was just thinking how wonderful it is to be an actor and even though I'm having this problem and there's little work coming in, I'm blessed to be doing what I love.

Last night, I managed to get to Andy Garcia's screening of his new film, "City Island." It was great, Robbie's first walk on a Red Carpet with his mom and his first official screening. He loved it!! I was very awake too...imagine!! Watching indie films like this give me hope that one day, some producer is going to discover all the talents I have to lend to a film. Recreating characters and studying human behaviors, bringing them to the screen for thousands of people to enjoy--that's my passion.

Andy Garcia said last night-know your craft as if you were a doctor. He's so right, and I'm confident that I do.

Love to all of you and goodnight,
Norma Jean

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