Monday, February 15, 2010

Haven't Written In A While....

My updates I suppose are not as often as I'd like but at least I get them done.

Highlights of the last two months:

1. Been taking a scene study class from David Dean Bottrell

2. Scouting for new representation, both Manager and Agent

3. Moved (most of you know that)

4. Just had my birthday this past Saturday and BOY was it a fun time with great friends! We even had Karaoke. I received a huge bouquet of flowers and a lot of candy from Richard. I got GREAT gifts from friends which I definitely wasn't expecting. Thanks, everyone, I love you so much!

5. On Valentine's Day, I went to the Hip Kitty in Claremont to hear my friend Jules Day sing. Boy, did Richard and I have a fun time!

6. Got booked as Bev for a very big comedy show on April 16th:
Fox Event Center
123 Cajon Street
Redlands CA
April 16th , Showtime 8PM

I hope everyone can make it!!

7. Been in contact with neighbor, Spencer Brown, CEO of We are in talks to create something with Bev for his website...stay tuned for details!!

That's it for now, I'm getting back to updating a lot on my websites and getting launched (I no longer have up.

Have a good night everyone and please leave a comment, ok?

Norma Jean

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