Saturday, November 28, 2009

Talent Managers & Agents - What I've Learned

I wanted to write an entry here to touch on what I've recently learned. It seems that Hollywood Agents are now, more than ever, seeking out Managers for referrals of talent. I attended an Agent Panel at AFTRA recently which included some big guns from the likes of Osbrink, House of Representatives, The Stone Manners Agency, Premier Talent Group and The Brogan Agency.

They said a few major things that every actor should know:

1. Only focus on a few agents for submissions and keep after ONLY THOSE that you really want to rep you. Sending out 100 headshots won't do you well if you're trying to land at XYZ Agent as your top pick, etc. You'll waste money and time and you'll be too "all over the place." Make decisions for your career and be committed to finding the right agent for you. Look on their websites and do your homework--are you truly a fit for their type of roster?

2. They do open every submission.

3. Managers are their greatest allies. Scott Manners said that he never used managers but now he's using them for his sole source of talent and communication in landing actors where they fit best. They work together as a "family" and the results have been great. He encourages every actor to seek out a manager if you don't already have one. Talk to your agent, see if they recommend someone.

4. If you have an agent, don't ever seek out or hire a manager or visa/versa without letting your first representative know about it. If you were to do so without their knowledge, that's like getting married without telling your parents. DON'T DO IT! And...wouldn't it just be awful if you hired on someone and the two were enemies?! *gulp* Another reason for DON'T DO IT!

5. Don't ever think you're not getting submitted for jobs if you're not getting auditions-that is an insult to them as they are working very hard for you. Don't you think that would be a stupid thing for them to do since "the family" benefits from your working? Especially you!? who they believed in and took on in the first place?
Instead of being negative, talk to your agent, find out what YOU can do to help YOUR career. They can't do it all for you.

6. Learn how to market yourself and be YOUR OWN BEST AGENT too. There is something to be said about those that are business-minded actors. Those are the ones that make it first, it's been proven. All actors must have a "Brand" and if you don't, you better find a way to make it happen. There are lots of other actors that are good with the "business" side of show, don't be afraid to ask for help.

It's my hope that these "best" points from the seminar help all actors reading this.

Enjoy your Saturday...
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Stone Manners Agency
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Osbrink Agency

The Premier Talent Group

The Brogan Agency

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