Saturday, November 28, 2009

Studio Talent Group Audition

Well, Monday evening I called and made my appointment with Phil Brock. It's amazing how I even secured this audition. But, I can tell you, I've been looking at STG for about six months now. I got up the nerve to ask Phil if I could please send in my credentials and sure enough, he said sure! So, I sent off my resume and a few different looks to him immediately following. About a week and a half after that, I wrote again. Phil, just checking in-what did you think of my work? Answer: Call the office next week for an audition. I COULDN'T believe what I was reading, people!

OMGosh, if you don't know who Phil Brock is, you're not doing your homework as an actor. Phil served on the Board of Directors for the Talent Manager's Association in 1999 and still holds "Full Member" status. Phil's acting experience is vast, holding membership in all three acting guilds. He is also a member of the Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences.

I have prepared two contrasting monologues and 16 bars of "With One Look" (sung by the character Norma Desmond) from Sunset Boulevard.

I am nervous yet excited and have full intention of joining the ranks at STG. Please see Phil's "Character Women" division on his website. I'm going to fill that blank spot there, I'm going to make it happen for me!

Here's to Monday @ 3:45pm! Cheers! (Prayers appreciated)

Studio Talent Group

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