Friday, September 18, 2009

David Dean Bottrell

Tonight, I went to the "Impressive Auditions" Seminar sponsored by AFTRA. I was tired, not wanting to drive all the way to Hollywood, feeling a little "blase," not really "into" sitting for two hours. But, when I got there, as always, my spirit changes and I'm in a better mood. Something magical about being in that Frank Maxwell Boardroom...I guess it's the feeling of pride and accomplishment that I'm not only a professional actor but I belong to a great union.

So what if we're smaller than SAG, it's a great start for me and what I inspire to be. One day, I will make a lot of people very proud, especially my boys.

Ok, so onto this glorious night.

I tell you...the MINUTE that David Bottrell starts to speak, I am captivated, mesmerized, moved, elated, gleeful, happy to be alive!! I wanted to jump out of my seat and shout!! I've finally found my acting coach!!!! Holy toledo, you just can't describe it. I'd scrub floors for this guy to mentor me. Am I getting too "Cinderella" on you guys? LOL Anyway, anyone that knows me at all, knows I've never once RAVED about an acting coach. I'M RAVING, I'M RAVING NOW!!!!

Well, if you saw what I saw tonight and you're only half as excited, then you didn't get "him," which is perfectly ok. But, I think for me, David would be the perfect teacher. There's something about this man and his teachings that was screaming to me....THAT'S who I am as an actor, a character-driven, life-inspired orgy of fun, "weirdness" and creativity!! BINGO!!

A lot of people are asking me on FB, why all the excitement? What did you learn? I can't explain it, folks, I just can't. It's like one of those moments that you have this huge acting epiphany after all the community theater, after all the commercial and student film auditions, after all the commutes, the tears, the disappointment, the struggles, the celebrations....the KNOWING that you're talents are meant to be shared with the all comes together in one two-hour period in a room where all I can feel is my heart pounding and pounding and it's louder than ever!

To those wanting to know what I learned. Here's my take:
Relax, listen and give the performance of your life every time. Being an actor is the most FUN job in the world so have fun! Stick around-people will keep seeing you, keep up your skills.

I know, a lot of you have heard these same things over and over and over again. I know I have...

But, something....something HUGE, hit me like a ton of bricks tonight. A breakthrough, a turning point? I can't tell you....I just know the first thing I did after I said goodnight to David one final time in the parking lot and got into Cream Puff for the drive back to Newport Beach I cried my eyes out! I have found a burning fire inside of me this evening that no other instructor could pull out of me. I then called Pam and arranged for 24hr Fitness tomorrow. It's time to get in shape because dangit, I'm going to audition from here on out with a proverbial fire coming out of my ass. And...that ASS will be looking hot! Watch out!!!

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you God!

I love this man....

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