Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog - Yes, I Worked On It!

Well, there's not been anything EPIC to blog about since my experience on "10 Years Younger" until now.

Last week, I filmed for two days on this (what is all the buzz) new media endeavor of one of the first "real" online movies (est. time about 30 mins). This production will not only make media history, but it will be all the rage with many. A clear combination of musical, comedy, drama, moral story, villians, superheroes, the damsel and a full cast of homeless folk, shelter volunteers and important townsfolk.

The music and lyrics, movements, the stunts, the essence that can only be captured by none other than THE Joss Whedon.

Neil Patrick Harris plays "Doctor Horrible"
Nathan Fillion plays "Captain Hammer"
Felicia Day plays "Penny"

I was blessed to have played a volunteer at the Homeless Shelter Soup Kitchen and another short scene where I'm (I think?) featured. I can't divulge too much just for the sake of Mr. Whedon's privacy, but you'll probably see it, nonetheless.

Here's how it went down, for your die-hard Whedon fans out there:

PA: We need a good strong woman.
Me: Right Here!
PA: Ok, let's go to set.
Me: Placed and ready.
1st AD: You ok with this?
Me: Yes
1st AD: What's your name?
Me: Norma Jean
Nathan: Hi, Norma Jean
Me: Hi Nathan, very nice to meet you.
Nathan: So, you're ok with this?
Me: I'm a New Yorker, nothing scares me.
Me: What's my eye line?
Joss: Right at Nathan.
Me: Ok, I'm ready.
1st AD: Ok, let's run a practice real quick.
Me and Nathan rehearse it, laugh...ready to roll.
1st AD: Ok, let's shoot it!
Roll camera, action!
Scene done.
Joss comes over and shakes my hand.
"Great work Norma Jean, really great."
Me: Thank you so much, I really appreciate the opportunity.
(all the while I'm jumping OUT of my skin...HOLY CRAP! I just did some work for Joss Whedon? How the hell did THIS happen? How does a meager girl from Upstate NY get to this spot. I was reflecting on that a LOT! I felt that same way when I got a hug from Tom's just incredible the things that have happened for me since last year when I quit working for the man to pursue my dreams)
Me to Nathan: Nathan, could I have a picture with you?
Nathan: Sure, you got a camera?
Me: Yes, I'll get it and be right there!

Here's the prize for a 14 hour day:

Fans, eat your hearts out.

My fellow musical lovers/ prepared to be dazzled...this is going to be HUGE!!!

The songs and lyrics are incredible. The electricity of the actors unmatched and certainly, noone does a story like Joss Whedon. His directorship was superb!

Someone pinch me, I'm a small town girl who just made some Hollywood history.

Love to all,
Norma Jean


Gina said...

This is amazing. Congratulations!! Hopefully I can have the same opportunity in the future. Doubtful but hey :P

Can't wait to hear more when the project is out and you're more free to speak of your experience. :)

(AND OMG Nathan is seriously wearing a hero outfit, is he not? HA. Love it.)

Anonymous said...

Not too spoilery, but enough of it for my brain to speculate all kinds of stuff! Cool, sounds like it was a blast. Also heard it was a real collaborative effort with his writing team apparently. So though Joss, of course, is pure genius, gotta spread some of the love.

The musishian said...

Bravo to you for your bravado. As Joss is my "Master," I am very much looking forward to this production.

Congrats on a big break and best of luck to you in your acting career!

Toy Soldier SubZ said...

Toy Soldier SubZ reporting, and this.. this sickens me. To degrade and attempt to destroy the good doctors image like this. How dare you attempt to harm the good doctors name. Doctor Steel is a good man, and he deserves much much more respect than this horrid "Dr. Horrible" theft.

The true site, the original, the genius, the man who deserves the respect. The music is irritating, the script are poorly written

As a loyal member of Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers, I will see to it personally that Dr. Horrible is destroyed.

Norma Jean said...

Thanks all for your comments, I do appreciate them. Just curious, did you see me in the finished product? I have a lot of fans from that, just for that little cameo. I'm a fan of Joss's too. Imagine my surprise when I got to set and found out what I was working on! Yes, it did happen like that....truly amazing. I have to thank Sande Alessi for that break, God Bless that woman!